Picking the perfect Ring for your Engagement

Picking the perfect Ring for your Engagement

Picking the perfect Ring for your Engagement


An engagement, or the way to get to it, is a journey of emotions and sensations wonderful and unforgettable. In this journey, the love that the couple feels is expressed more than ever. The first of the steps to be taken is the request for a hand, in which the person proposing marriage sets the first stone to build a future between the two, starting a new chapter in the love story.


After a journey of almost 75 years, Suarez has been complicit in thousands of stories. Romantic stories, fun and original, but each and every one of them unique and worthy of the most powerful symbol for capturing a feeling, the jewel.


But how to choose the jewel with which you will declare your love forever? Do not worry, with these questions you will find all the answers.


Think about how the bride is


Your personality, your tastes, your history … All this must be the first question – and one of the most important – that you should ask. If you prefer to do it by surprise you will have to find out, with small questions discreet and disseminated in time, what are your preferences in these types of matters, but your knowledge about it will also be very helpful for the expert jewelers who will help you choose.


What kind of ring would you like?


There are two options, solitary or alliance. The solitaire is the classic ring for engagement with central diamond prevailing in the piece and the alliance is a more discreet jewel in which the ring is presented as a row of aligned diamonds, but none stand out especially.


It is a matter of tradition and, as we have said before, tastes and personality of the bride.


How to know what quality diamonds have?


There are different qualities and different types of sizes, in size … In Suárez they only work with the best quality stones but you always have to ask for the diamond certificate – IGI for 0.20-0, 25 and GIA from 0, 30-. If you want to be a true expert, show that the same number appears on the certificate that appears on the diamond girdle.


On what characteristics should I look?


Four C’s: color, purity, size, and weight (of the English carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade ), with these four characteristics we will determine the quality. In addition to always ask for the diamond certificate.


As for the colors, the Suárez family – which buys and selects one by one the stones instead of origin discarding 99.5% of the stones – acquires them colorless, the whitest from D, which is where the scale begins , until the H (there are up to Z) and from there they start to yellow, although very slightly. And, of course, the carats. This is the unit of measurement of these jewels and each carat equals 0.20 grams.


How many options for rings are there?


Many, but if you want to make it really special, you could even create your exclusive ring with the “south measure” design -as a measure- of Suarez.


The new Ice Flowers collection designed for these moments of Engagement is conceived as the snowiest development of Commitment, inspired by the moment of the “crystallization” of the snowflake and designed for romantic and Sparkly white teeth of the bride. All the designs have been inspired and have respected the proper pattern of nature, with the enigmatic numerology of its tips. Apparently equal and all different, just as there will never be a snowflake like there will not be a jewel identical to the other. Pieces framed outside time and space, the portrait of an instant thought for eternity.


The historical character of Wilson Bentley and his complicated photographs of snowflakes was the spark that set the collection of creativity. The main idea is that it has transformed something ephemeral (snowflakes) into something eternal, enduring and forever (the jewel). The firm already has almost 75 years of experience and a consolidated image and prestige within the world of luxury.


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